Cub Kraken REGENERATION MATRIX university is an incubator of model projects and trades.

It offers the following services:

  • support for the implementation of projects modeled in catalog
  • support for the installation of chosen trades
  • support for labeling in the ecosystem of REGENERATION MATRIX group

REGENERATION MATRIX group works at the scale of territories and cities. Its initial focus is food and energy production and processing. Food and energy self-sufficiencies are the basic foundations of all communities around the world.

The project and the associated professions are interrelated, which is why Cub Kraken REGENERATION MATRIX university pays close attention to the quality of the training of the project actors and of the execution of the project.

There are several scales of execution of the same project, which can be linked over time or not. There is the survival level, the craft level and the industrial level. Our models adapt to each level independently or inter-linked.